I feel great when my clients feel good!
During the era of commercial advertising photography in America between the 1970's, 80's and mid-90's, and just before the digital transformation from film in the late 1990's, there was a major West Coast contingency of nationally recognized commercial photographers. SWARTHOUT STUDIOS in San Francisco and Hollywood were among that group. They enjoyed a long period of success, shooting for major advertising agencies across America, and for hundreds of clients.

Photography has been a passion of Walter Swarthout's since he was first introduced to it at a professional level when he worked for a year in Stockholm, Sweden for the then well-known fashion photographer Bo Appletoft. During the next four years Walter apprenticed with Richard Beattie (in New York City) for one year and famous English photographer Barry Lategan (in London, England) for one year, and then returned to New York City to work two more years for the world famous Vogue Magazine fashion photographer Irving Penn. This experience set in motion a passion for beauty and a sensitivity for light that has carried him throughout his entire career.

The digital age brought a renewed joy to photography, allowing Walter to work on his photographs with enhancements that were never possible before. His love for people plus working as a photographer and marketing-director for a well-known ballet dance training center in Northern California, has opened the door to shooting the beauty of dance. His love for beautiful faces has taken him in yet another direction (waltersfaces.com). He "sees pictures" everywhere he travels and is sensitive to the lighting that is present at that moment.

He is never tired of looking for another picture and capturing it. This is what he loves doing!

"In life... do what you love doing with passion!"
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